At Keno, we work hard to achieve and exceed the expectations of our customers. Here is what a few of our customers said about us:


They gave me a free loaner car while my vehicle was being repaired. I was worried about how I would get back and forth to work, without them I would have lost my job I don't know what I would have done. Keno treated me right. My car was finished promptly and I was back on the road in no time at all. My husband is a car guy and he gave Keno two thumbs up on the repair work.
John S.

I didn't know where to have my car fixed, after the accident, my friend suggested Keno. I have to thank Keno Body & Paint for the great job on my baby. The car was ready early and they even  washed and cleaned my car for me. Great job!
Robyn A.

I received outstanding service from the Keno staff. I appreciated their friendly attitude and willingness to help. The lady (Darcy) at the front counter was very friendly and helped me during the traumatic time right after the accident. Keno will definitely have our business in the future.
Jennifer S.

I did not have rental coverage through my insurance company and could not afford to rent a car. They  gave me a free loaner and all I had to do is return it with a full tank of gas. My car had heavy damage and they gave me the loaner car for the entire time it took to repair my car. And most of all my car looks fantastic!
Adam L.

The repair work was great. I was very satisfied with the service. I will definitely refer Collsiontek to my friends. Everything was wonderful.
Tom W.

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